Learning Management Systems for Nonprofits

Type of Event:Workshop/Training
Alternate Event Name:Learning Management Systems for Nonprofits Workshop
Description of Event:Learning Management Systems have become popular with enterprise level corporations, the healthcare industry, & educational institutions. How can nonprofits leverage LMS to their advantage? What low platforms are available? How do nonprofits integrate and monetize these platforms for maximum effectiveness? Come learn and explore during this Learning Management Systems Workshop.
Start Date: Thursday February 27,2020
Date of Event: Thursday February 27,2020
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 7:30 PM

How Long Does Last? 1.5 Hours

Who Should Attend? Nonprofit professionals, community leaders, people exploring learning management systems
Event Status:Still On
Number of Seats: 75
Is this event free? Yes
Cost: Free
Sponsor(s): NetSquared Memphis, NetSquared, & TechSoup
Fed Ex Institute of Technology - UoM

365 Innovation Drive, Room: 227
Memphis , TENNESSEE US 38111
Serving Memphis Nonprofits with Technology Based Workshops & Training!!

During this workshop, we will explore Learning Management Systems. You will see a demo of Open Source Learning Management System Moodle. Demo & square table discussion about different ways nonprofits can incorporate a LMS.

Should you use Open Source or choose a fully managed platform?
What are the requirements to run a LMS? What learning modules will work best for your target audience? What are the ways to monetize your LMS? How do you select a LMS that meets your nonprofits needs? What about using an LMS with your Content Management System? How do you get stakeholders to on board? Does a Learning Management System need to be Strategically Planned & where does it fit?

It does not matter whether your nonprofit has a LMS or not!! Join the conversation! Share the challenges and successes your organization has had with a LMS.

Please note, this will be more of a brain storming session. So come to learn, share, and explore!