Guest Writers Needed!

Technology Bloggers & Writers Needed

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to write about your love of technology? Can you transpose that love, into a creative way to assist nonprofits? Well, NetSquared Memphis would love to hear from you!!

NetSquared Memphis holds 9-12 in person Meetups each year. However, workshops need to be augmented between sessions to give nonprofits more information. We are looking for written content between 1500-2000 words. Images are optional, but helpful to get your point across.

You can also get really creative and send unique ideas such as videos crafted for NetSquared Memphis members, unique white papers, free email templates, and more.

Please note these are NOT paid writing gigs. You are volunteering to submit your content to NetSquared Memphis.  You understand that you are submitting writing ideas that will be used by NetSquared Memphis in whole or partially. Please submit your ideas via the form to be considered.  Not all ideas will be used. Please check your work for grammatical errors.

Right now, NetSquared Memphis has one volunteer. It’s important that you use the form below to submit your ideas. If any additional information is required, you will be contacted via email.  This means give a working and regularly checked email address. You will receive an email confirmation once your submission has been received and another  if your sample has been approved.

If your idea is approved, it is asked that  you do not format your content. All content will be resized especially for NetSquared Memphis.   From time to time, please check back, as things may change.

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